Zirconia crowns

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dental crown placement

Zirconia is a ceramic used to fabricate dental restorations. Dentists and patients prefer Zirconia because it is the strongest, most long-lasting ceramic available in restorative dentistry. For years, Zirconia has been used to craft metal-free crowns and bridges in place of missing or damaged teeth. Zirconia’s translucent properties give it a natural appearance, and its bio-compatible composition significantly reduces the risk of inflammation or allergic reaction. Nicknamed ‘ceramic steel’, it has even been used for the fabrication of artificial joints.

Zirconia is an ideal dental material for the fabrication of dental crowns, which are tooth-shaped caps that fit over the top of a decayed or damaged tooth. There are three types of zirconia crowns that can be used: Solid zirconia crowns are made exclusively of zirconia, while layered zirconia crowns have a layer of porcelain. There are also Emax/ZirPress ceramic restorations which offer a conservative approach to dental crowns, as well as veneers, inlays, onlays, and overlays.

Did You Know?

Zirconia crowns are one of the strongest restorations available. Additionally, zirconia crowns have several benefits, including:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Healthy tissue response
  • Can be used for bruxers
  • Can be chemically bonded to the teeth to create marginal seal
  • Long-term and predictable restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a crown right for me?

If you have a tooth that is significantly damaged or decayed, but still intact, a dental crown may be right for you. Dental crowns are generally recommended when most of the natural tooth structure is damaged or decayed. Dental crowns are also used to restore the tooth after a root canal is performed. To determine if a zirconia crown is right for you, schedule an office consultation today.

What should I expect when I have my crown placed?

If you are a candidate for a crown, your teeth will be reduced in size to ensure a proper fit. An impression will then be taken of your bite and used to fabricate a mold for the crown. Its color will be matched to the natural shade of your other teeth. This information will be sent to a dental lab, who will fabricate your customized zirconia crown. You will be fit with a temporary crown to wear until your permanent crown is complete.

Do I need to follow any post-treatment care guidelines?

Your teeth will need time to heal following the crown placement process, so it is normal for you to experience some sensitivity – especially to hot and cold. Additionally, you may experience soreness in the gums surrounding your restoration, though this is usually manageable with ibuprofen and should subside within a few days. Zirconia restorations are very durable. You’ll need only to continue using good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing as well.

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